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I didn't receive my order confirmation emailUpdated 7 months ago

In most cases, you will receive an order confirmation e-mail from us directly after or within minutes of placing a successful order online.

If you have not received an e-mail several hours after placing your order, there could be several different reasons:

  • Our payment provider has had a delay in processing payments. In that case your payment order confirmation will still be sent once your payment has been confirmed.
  • You have not entered your e-mail address correctly. In that case your order will be processed as usual, but you will not receive the e-mail notifications like the order confirmation or shipment confirmation. Please log in to the website to verify your e-mail address is correct. You may still not receive notifications for this order, but should get them for subsequent orders.
  • The e-mail has accidentally been placed in your 'spam-folder', 'promotional', 'junk' or 'unwanted e-mail folder'.
  • Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) could be experiencing a problem with e-mail delivery.
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