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Suggestions for daily use, cleaning and maintaining your SCANPAN productsUpdated 7 months ago

Before first use:

  • Remove all labels and wash your product in warm soapy water; dry completely.
  • If required, assemble the glass knob according to the directions in the user’s guide (be careful not to over-tighten).

Never use aerosol sprays or cooking sprays:

  • The propellants in these type of nonstick products can impair the nonstick properties of our pans if not properly cleaned after every use – we recommend using your favourite oil, butter or fat for taste, but you don't strictly need to use any anything in our nonstick pans if you don't want to.

For the best cooking results:

  • We recommend heating your pan for 60-90 seconds on medium heat to get the perfect cooking temperature (you'll save energy, too!) at which time your pan will be ready to sear, brown and deglaze!
  • If you use our pans on a higher heat, we recommend using a high-heat flash point oil such as grape seed, avocado, rice or vegetable oils for optimum cooking performance.

For a lifetime of use, always do the following:

  • Clean & rinse your pan, preferably shortly after every use using warm to hot soapy water and sponge. Do not soak the pot or pan for hours or days in water and soap.
  • Use a natural bristle or nylon brush to clean other stickier residue.
  • Do not leave any visible or physical food/fat residue in your pan after cleaning; doing so can cause sticking to occur during next use; re-clean, if necessary, using hot water to melt grease away.
  • To avoid scratches and scuff marks to the exterior/interior of your pans, do not store directly on top of one another without using some type of divider/protection.
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