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How to properly care for and use your Scanpan products

Suggestions for daily use, cleaning and maintaining your SCANPAN products

Before first use:. Never use aerosol sprays or cooking sprays:. For the best cooking results:. For a lifetime of use, always do the following:

User guide for your Scanpan non-stick cookware

Before first use. In use. Frying with fat: The product is heated to frying temperature at medium heat for just a few minutes, after which the fat is added. Overheating mainly occurs when the oil or fat becomes too hot. If the oil is too hot it can bu

Frying tips to get the best out of your Scanpan product

Fat-free frying. This is possible on pans with a non-stick coating. If you want to fry in oil, we recommend using olive or canola oil. These oils have a high content of unsaturated fats, making them particularly suitable for frying because they don't

If my non-stick is damaged, can I still use it?

If your pan has pits, holes, or peeling, you should stop using it and contact us to discuss a warranty replacement, should the pan be under warranty and the condition of the surface is due to manufacturing issues, not mis-use or regular wear and tear

If I overheat my fry pan, is it dangerous to use?

Long before you reach a temperature high enough to damage the pan's surface, your food will start to burn. You cannot overheat your frying pan during normal cooking. Always start preheating your pan on a medium heat for best cooking results and do no

Will metal utensils scratch my pans?

SCANPAN cookware is safe to use with metal tools because the surface is 10x harder than stainless-steel. The ultra-hard surface encases the whole pan, protecting it from wear and tear. Over time the surface may show cosmetic scuff marks, but these wi

Can I really put these in the dishwasher without ruining the coating?

Yes, they are indeed dishwasher safe. They are so quick and easy to clean, however, that you may not need or want to use the dishwasher. Simply wash pans with warm, soapy water and a dish sponge after each use to remove food and oil residue. That sai

What’s the best way to keep my SCANPAN cookware nonstick for life?

To prevent sticking, the cooking surface must be kept very clean. Keep your pans clean and perfectly non-stick by washing them thoroughly in warm soapy water after every use. When pans become less nonstick, the culprit is almost always stubborn resid

What do I do if my pan has started to stick?

In almost all cases, sticking is due to stubborn food and oil residue. Try cleaning them with a baking soda solution:

What causes the discolouration or residue on the aluminium base of my pan?

The residue on the underside of your pan is caused by a reaction that occurs between aluminum (like the plate on the base of your pan) and chemicals like phosphates commonly found in dishwasher detergents. It’s harmless and won’t impact the performan

My stainless-steel has discolored, can this be restored?

Stainless-steel will discolour and oxidise after application of heat. This can be seen by a blue, yellow or orange tinge to the metal. Bluing of the metal can indicate overheating and care should be taken not to over the pans as this will shorten the

What kinds of cooking oils can I use in my SCANPAN cookware?

You can use any kind of cooking oil you like! Never use aerosol cooking sprays - these sprays contain chemicals which burn at very low temperatures and leave residues behind that are difficult and often impossible to remove. Damage/stubborn residue d

What kind of stovetop is my cookware compatible with?

All SCANPAN cookware is compatible with gas and electric stovetops. For induction stoves, check out Pro IQ, HaptIQ and Classic Induction.

Can I cook in SCANPAN cookware without oil?

You sure can! SCANPAN cookware was designed to enable fat free frying while still providing excellent nonstick release. For best results, preheat your pan on low or medium heat for a minute or two before you start cooking, and wait until your food ha

How can I get a good sear on my food if I should only use these pans at medium heat?

Our squeeze cast aluminium pans conduct heat so quickly and efficiently that you’re easily able to achieve a great sear/browning/reduction result on medium heat. Our pans’ fast, even heat distribution with no hot spots ensures you get consistent resu

Are my SCANPAN pans oven safe?

Yes, all SCANPAN cookware is oven safe and up 260 degrees C, including all lids and handles.

Can you recoat my pot or pan with new non-stick?

Unfortunately, it's not possible to re-coat or recover the non-stick coating on Scanpan products. The coating is applied through highly specialised processes in the factory and is not designed to be recoated once it has reached the end of it's useful

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