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About Scanpan's coating: Stratanium

SCANPAN is famous around the globe for our unique non-stick coating. And the continuous development of our coating is at the core of our product development. With the introduction of our new coating called Stratanium, we have taken a huge leap in our

Does SCANPAN cookware contain PTFE?

The simple answer. To explain in more detail. What is PTFE? - PTFE stands for polytetrafluoroethylene and is a chemical once used alongside PFOA to produce the material Teflon, which is the Dupont company's patented non-stick coating used in most coo

What does SCANPAN mean?

The name SCANPAN is a shortened abbreviation of “Scandinavian Pan,” a reference to our Scandinavian and Danish roots.


STRATANIUM is SCANPAN’s patented PFOA/PFOS-free nonstick coating system. SCANPAN spent over two years researching and testing to create the extremely durable, high-performing STRATANIUM non-stick system, which was released in 2017, from the ground up

What’s the difference between STRATANIUM and STRATANIUM+?

STRATANIUM+ was tested in restaurants for over two years before it was launched to the public and was designed for professional and home cooks alike. It has a unique textured surface that offers exceptional searing abilities and is 50% more durable a

What’s the difference between all the lines? I’m so confused!

SCANPAN cookware comes in many different design configurations, but they have more in common than you might think!. There are two basic pan/pot body constructions:. There are two non-stick surface options:. Beyond that, here’s what they all have in c

Which SCANPAN lines can be used with induction cooktops?

Pro IQ, CTX and Classic Induction can be used with induction cooktops.

Where is SCANPAN cookware made?

All of our cookware is made in Denmark, except the Impact stainless steel cookware range, which is designed in Denmark and made in China.

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